Luvaton & Samuel


Based on the model of the Merkava Mark 4 Tank. The model is able to move on its tracks, turn its turret and aim its artillery gun. The Tank contains many religious articles that are the characteristic of the Jewish holidays.
Shabbat – a Kiddush Cup, Shabbat candlesticks, an Havdala candlestick, spice towers and a matchbox.
Purim – a Megila case containing a miniature Megilat Eshter written on parchment by a Sofer Stam and a Purim noisemaker.
Channuka – a Channukia, candleholders, an oil container and two dreodles and a wick container.
A Torah Yad and a storage container.
Hand crafted, 925 Sterling Silver and Brass (the tank’s tracks)

Exhibited in the "Chains of silver" (רתוקות הכסף) exhibition at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum Ramat Gan, Israel, 2012.

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