I get my inspiration from Jerusalem.

My workshop & gallery are located in the Artists Colony, just outside of Jaffa gate and viewing the Walls of the Old City and David's Tower. I like to create in the atmosphere of Jerusalem. Jerusalem for me is old vs new, east vs west, holiness vs everyday life, three religions and the people that take place in this unique scenario.

All these parts of Jerusalem have an influence on my designs. My Judaica items combine ancient and traditional Jewish symbols with contemporary modern design. All of my Judaica works combine deep thought of the Torah with the mitzvot and their spiritual meaning, which I gain while learning the Mishna, Gemara. I put deep thought into all my products, paying attention to all the small details.

You are invited to visit my workshop & gallery and meet me and my creations personaly.

For directions to my workshop & Gallery click here.WORKSHOP ITZHAK LUVATON JERUSALEM ARTIST COLONY