Luvaton & Samuel


A Hanukka Menora based on a model of a two-winged Anglia Avro 504 airplane, which saw military action between 1915 and 1924, and which protected Britain from the Zeppelin.
The body of the airplane contains a hidden Menora. In the plane’s payload bay there are two “weapons” containers, one of which holds candle holders for Shabbat, and the other of which holds a matchbox, the Menora candle holders and an oil container (that looks like a jerrycan). The plane’s engine is a spinning top (dreidel). There is a small canister between the upper wings that can store wicks.
Hand crafted, 925 sterling silver.

Exhibited in the "Chains of silver" (רתוקות הכסף) exhibition at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum Ramat Gan, Israel, 2012.

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