Itzhak Luvaton



Shabbat candlesticks made of Jerusalem stone combined with silver and gold plated silver and hand made ceramic beads that resemble olives.
On the top of each candle are blessing. One for the men in the family: 
“God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh.” (Genesis 48,20) "יישימך אלוקים כאפרים וכמנשה" .
And the other for the women in the family: 
“God make thee as Sarah, as Rivka, as Rachael and as Leah”"ישימך אלוקים כשרה רבקה רחל ולאה".
The candle holder is suitable for regular candles and tealights.

  •  These candlesticks are hand made, so please allow differences in wire shapes. Also the colors of the stone my vary.
    We can also use various stones and colors. For orders please contact us.

Product information
Material - Sterling silver, gold plated silver, Jerusalem stone, ceramic beads

Height - 22 cm
Base diameter - 8 cm
Top diameter - 2.7 cm

Only 1 piece in stock!

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