Itzhak Luvaton


The miracle of Chanukah was that a small quantity of olive oil that was to light the Temple`s menorah, miraculously lasted for eight days. This was the base for our idea to use olive branches to decorate this Chanukiah. The branches resemble real olive leaves with green olive fruit. The eight pillars are a reminder of the two pillars that stood outside the entrance of the Holy Temple.
On the Base of the Channukiah is the phrase "להודות ולהלל לשמך הגדול" meaning "to thank and praise Your great name" taken from the prayer of gratitude which is recited on during the eight days of Channukah.
All together the menorah is a very ornamental piece, to be presented in Synagogues and homes.

 Product information
Material - Rhodium or gold plated brass, Jerusalem stone and ceramic beads 
Size - 18 X 78 cm
Height - 45 cm

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