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In Hebrew, the word for charity, “Tzedakah” – "צדקה" means far more than just that. Charity implies kindness performed out the goodness of one’s heart, but which is by no means obligatory. Tzedakah, on the other hand, means, “doing right,” implying an obligation to help others – financially, materially, spiritually and in any way possible. A Tzedakah box is a receptacle for collecting money that is designated for charity.

This Tzedakah box is built of Cherry wood and Sterling Silver, set upon 4 lions carrying it all – the lions of Judah are a powerful symbol of the spirit of generosity and selflessness. On the four sides of the Tzedakah box are verses about Tzedakh – "Tzedakah (Charity) saves from Death” (Mishlei 10,2:), “Do charity and justice” (Mishlei 21,3) and others. 

Product information
Material - Sterling silver 925 and Cherry wood

Size - 17 X 17 cm
Height - 26 cm

Only 1 piece in stock!

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