Itzhak Luvaton



Together with the artist, Meira Firefeld, this extraordinary Omer Counter presents each day with its own page, illustrated with beautiful hand lettered script. Designed to resemble a large, impressive book, each page is headed by the number of the day boldly done in gold followed by artful calligraphy about the day itself.
The ancient text like pages are visible through a window open on the face cover of this modern, majestic black volume, which stands upright on its own. Using innovative techniques, each beautiful page can be easily put in its place in the book`s window, each page for each day of the seven-week period preserved while Counting the Omer and on display all year.
Each piece is numbered out of 49.

Product information
Dimensions - 27 X 22 cm
Thickness- 8 cm

Only 1 piece in stock!

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